another 4870 problem...

i had purchased a powercolor HD 4870 few days ago. i install it with catalyst 8.7, fix the fan using bretware solution, and everithing is alright, until...
i did some test to ensure this beast is good enogh for 300 buck.i played crysis,DoW soulstorm,CnC, DMC 4,Assassins creed,PES, Bioshock and find some problems :

1. in crysis, when shader set to very high, there are many odd white dots in object shadow.then also some errors in sun light effect that make improper edge in the sky.and also blurry texture on mountain surface if i set the texture to very high. does anyone also suffer this problem?
2. in DoW soulstorm, when unit occlusion set on, units behind the object become green/ not properly rendered. CnC max out, there are no clouds shadow.this is also happened in assassins creed.
4. in PES 2008, there are random shadow error in the opening of the match.
5. the last, and the most annoying, i even can't playing bioshock. i can go to the menu, but when loading the scene it stop responding..

now i start to regret my decission and thinking to buy the nvidia card later( i mean, let the pro handle it).
so everyone just give any comments to those problems and share any options that can fix them..

oh, yeah does my seagate barracuda 160gb sata ALSO responsible for the bottleneck i suffered in crysis? the rating is 5,6 in vista. Note that i'm still using that pci 1.0 thing mobo and AMD 5200+ CPU.and what CPU can match the performance of this beast?E8400 does?

i'm sorry for my complicated problems, my poor english.
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  1. Whats your motherboard?
  2. thanks for quick reply, is a Biostar TForce nf550. should i upgrade to a 780g-based motherboard or buy the pro, i mean intel. now i just have 250 buck left to spend..
  3. If you want to keep your actual hardware, you can get a cheap mobo with a 770 chipset on it.

    If you want something more power full and upgradable, get a 790GX based mobo, because of the SB750 southbridge or wait to get a 790X or 790FX with a SB700 series southbridge (much better than the SB600 actually used on this board)

    For intel get a P35 mobo and and a E7200. You should be fine with that.
  4. Might I recommend these?

    $79 Gigabyte GA-MA770-S3 (ATX Retail)
    $102 AMD 8450 Tri-Core (not needed, just a suggestion)

    Also What PSU do you have?

    (can re-use all other components, and have an upgrade path later)
  5. my PSU is enlight 420 watt. is that thing can handle triple core or quad core with an 4870?i guess my option only upgrade the mobo to 780g/GX or buy E8400 with P35/45 chipset.
  6. I'd upgrade that PSU too. (could be causing your present issues too, ie power fluctuations, or just not enough power)(enlight=cheap)

    Antec, OCZ, PC P&C, Zalman, Corsair, or Seasonic are the ones you want to look for. (recommend 500W, or at least a good 450W)

    And you should be good with that Gigabyte 770 I linked. (unless you want more expensive)(you can still use your 5200+ if you don't want the Tri-core)
  7. Bump your PSU is most likely causing issues.
  8. +1 for the PSU causing the problems. The PSU requirements for the 4870 are a good quality 500W PSU. That enlight 420W is will not cut it. Check here for the ATI certified PSU list:
  9. A 4870 needs more juice; at least a good 500W PSU.
    Enlight is on tier-4 of the old listing at; perhaps not system-destroying crap, but far from good. I wouldn't buy from that tier unless I had absolutely no choice.
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