Video Card Stress Test?

Hello all,

Is the 3dMark application a good soft to stress my video card?

Well... Is not like i love to torture my video card; i changed the HS on my 8800gt and I would like to be sure i will not have a heat problem with the ram modules on the card or the core itself !!

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  1. Yeah, as far as i know it's a prominent 3d application for putting pressure on your video card. To be honest though, i don't know of any other :)

    Regards, Alex
  2. Yeah, i dont know... i kind of hope there was something else out there somewhere! ;)

    I guess, if this software is used as benchmark, it should take everything out of the card! enough to see if it works fine! :)

  3. you could try Rthdrible its very "stressful" on the Video card. make sure you go full screen and before that you need to adjust the setting in the menu otherwise it will run at low resolution.
  4. Use this, default settings, no aa/af.
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