Unable to copy dvd

I having problem with my lg dvd drive..
when i try to copy dvd , it makes the image & then ask for empty dvd, it goes almost more than 95 % then gives me an error burn failed & ejects it..i always use sony dvd's only..
some time sytem get freezed when i insert a dvd...

creating new data dvd & video dvd has no problem.. i use nero 8 lite version ..

before a month it works fine until my friend borrowed my dvd drive to backup his system (he blown his drive when he try to write Dual-layer DVD .now it works rarely .. i dont know whether he write many dvd's continuously )

my pc config

intel 945 with core 2 duo 2.6 Ghz
2 gig ddr2 ram & 160 gb Hdd
Lg Dvd drive
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  1. I've found that most cd/dvd problems are due to dust bunnies around the laser r/w head. Try using a slower write speed.
  2. first time i write it with 8x then after the first failure i used with 4x only
  3. Are you trying to directly burn a CD/DVD?
    If yes, better create an image first then burn the image on to the CD/DVD. Also make sure that your lens is clean. Clean your DVD lens with a lens cleaner.
  4. there's no problem while burning data cd/dvd .. it shows error only when copying dvd..
  5. Could be a buffer problem. That's why i said to make images first and then the write.
  6. What kind of DVD are you trying to copy. If it's a commercial DVD, it' s more than likely copy protected.
  7. its just movies which i downloaded not the copyrighted original DVD.
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