Asus PW201 LCD Screen, Someone help please!

I recently got an Asus Pw201 screen from a friend who replaced the screen when its power adapter fryd.
When i searched for the adapter's product code on the web all i could get was results giving me a bunch
of Asus laptops(m51,w7s,G1 etc) which work this the adapter on the result.
My question is if i buy the adapter listed will it power the screen?
And are these Asus adapters universal for Asus products which use external power?

Thanx in advance :)
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More about asus pw201 screen please
  1. Contact Asus to determine if they will sell you a replacement power adapter.
  2. will do that and see how it goes. i hope it has not reached its end of life considering its a 2006 product. thanx so much for the idea
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