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i got my new phenum II machine weeks back for gaming (i play world of warcraft) . now i need choose a SSD disk in addition of 7200 rpm 500GS disk.

i wanted high perforamce as well as durability so i guess i need SLC drive.

i wanted the ocz agility II but not available..

so any suggestion will be appreciated

thank you
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  1. I would look for a SSD with trim support. That would include the Intel X25-m, and there may be some others. Trim is important to be able to tell the drive that space is available without having to erase it. I think Kingston may have such a 40gb drive which would be good for an OS.

    SLC is a better performer, but much more expensive than MLC. Products are improving rapidly, and prices are coming down. Research carefully.
    Intel X25-M 80 or 160gb (gen 2) is a safe bet and a good performer now.
  2. +1 for Intel X25-M 80gb or 160gb
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