unable to install Nvidia drivers

I'm trying to install drivers for a 9600 GSO on my Windows 2003 Server machine.
When I launch the Nvidia 175.19 Geforce 32bit for Windows XP executable on my machine, it starts going through the install process and creates a folder to install into. About a second after the Installshield screen pops up, however, everything quits without an error message or anything. Gone!
I've tried turning off data execution prevention for all programs except the Windows processes.
I've tried the drivers from the Asus (my brand of graphics card) website and the .exe available from Nvidia. The card is OEM and comes without a drivers disk. When I have Windows search for an updated driver online, it calls my card a "standard vga adapter" and says that the driver is up to date.
I'm not quite sure how to get around this one...
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. what you are describing is an impossible situation,,if the original install was error free,,so it is recommended that you format your "C" partition and reinstall your os,it seems that something went south during the original install,,,
    i have installed various versions of windoze so many times that i have lost track,and i can tell you that your situation can only be the result of a less than complete/proper install,,,however it came about,,,as for the driver version ,,the latest from the nvidia site,,,for your os and card should/will do the job "vga adapter" is just windoze saying that it has not loaded the drivers for it and is using the default windoze vga driver,,,BTW you could reinstall right over you current install before doing the reformat thing etc sometimes we get lucky sometimes not it's that damn registry once it gets a hold of something it keeps it,,and the only way to fix it,editing takes too long,is to reinstall,,faster in the long run .............:)
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