USB or ExpressCard wireless adapter?

Which is better. My laptop uses an integrated g card and I thought if i upgraded to an N adapter it would be better. Oh and what is up with Belkin's N+ or N1 names? And what is dual band, i see lynksis has dual band options. I'm most concerned about RANGE increase. thanks!

*did a little thinking. I'm assuming belkin's "N1" label just means it is dual band? This is what I'm looking at for max range and a good price
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  1. get a dlink express card ....extreme n express card.....superfast ....great range!
  2. or a dwa 160 dlink usb extreme n adapter.....
  3. ok ill look into that. I now see CNET is saying N+ is actually better range but is not dual band. I don't understand this stuff. All I want is range. I will be on campus and I don't have to pay for my own internet but i need to be able to get the signal. Sometimes indoors the walls get in the way. Plus I want to be able to be more moble with my laptop and be able to get wireless connection in as many locations as possible. If I really want the bandwidth I'll find a good spot or hardwire my internet, im not worried about computer gaming in the middle of nowhere.
  4. extreme n express card is only 40 bucks if i get a refurb one haha.

    so uh... is this card as fast as the N+ from Belkin?
  5. And Dlink calls their one card "extreme" lol... Is that the same as N+? Could I use an extreme adapter with an N+ router or is extreme just a word they used to name their adapter geez this is confusing. I don't know what letters and symbols signify compatibility and which are made up by the brand
  6. As an FYI, it looks like the 802.11n final spec, will finally be coming next month...

    Just something to consider as new or updated products may be released (though I don't know if there will be any significant difference from the current n draft to the finalized version).

    As far as range is concerned, there is always the standard "varies on multiple factors" statement. And I believe the n standard is more focused on throughput than range.

    My advice, see what the individual brands are claiming and try to research (i.e. Newegg reviews) if they're accurate.
  7. d link is more stable than belkin...and extreme n is fast and stable.dual band means it operates on the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands.refurbs work just like new mine are also refurbs!
  8. haha Yeah i do go on newegg and look at the reviews. Belkin's website has a nice fancy slideshow trying to convince us that N has much longer range than G. Also I'm not sure if my adapter has MIMO which i guess is critical for extending range and not dropping signal (avoiding dead zones)
  9. extreme dlink routers and cards are fast and stable,and have decent range!!!belkin is junk!
  10. i me it is also better than the integrated intel thing i have which is G...

    I'm not sure if it's mimo and i dont kno how to find out
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