new build general questions.

ok i am trying to start a new build got tired of my stock dell and had to many problems trying to upgrade system to play age of conan. Also i plan on having a new system by time starcraft2 comes out in dec??

So i have been doing like a months worth of reading reviews and such at newegg and have basic down for what i think i whant so please look it over and see if you see any compatability problems and fell free to add sugestions. I will update or repost ideas i have if i leave something out. thank you in advance for your help.

so far part i have thought of:

- Case : antec 900 or the bigger antec 1200 ( read alot of good reviews on the size of these being able to hold the biger video cards and aftermarket coolers) dont need it much for drives as i only have a dvd drive and cdrom-burner.(also like the power supply on the bottom/ and the ability to add alot of fans)

- chip/cpu i pretty much am set on getting a Q6600 ( not sure how to obtain the go stepping) or if its just luck of the draw from new egg.( i am not a seasons over clocker but plan on trying with this system, and i heard this is a great chip for over clocking)

- mother board: this is my bane here i havnt got any idea, just basic ideas i have read so many negative reviews on almsot all mother boards it seems like eather bad luck and or a alot of defective stuff out there.
I have decided to go with the new 4870 ATI card( not sure if there are making a 4870 x2 anytime soon?? ) So i would prefer going with a crossfire capable mother board.
I only have a 21' dell lcd so i dont think a second 4870 right now is needed with the low resolution i get on this small LCD(but down the road i would like to go mybe 24 wide screen or 30" then plop in second 4870 etc.
so i would like some thing compatible with the q6600 and some overclocking ability and something compatable with ddr2 800 ram and of corse the crossfire listed above thanks.

- drives sorry not sure what kind yet as well. i was hoping to rip out the hard drive and CD-rom/burner and the DVD player out of my dell it about 2 years old and should still be good and should save some money.

-video card this should be easy just a month ago i was in such a delema with so many nvidia cards out and had really decied to go with an 8800gt for all the proven stability and overclocking etc. but now i hands down know ill go with a ATI 4870 wow for the preformance and price i would be crazy to go with anything else but now i have to pick the manufacture lol.

- power supply i have a real toss up i really like what i read about both the antec 800 the new one with the racing stripes with the 4 rails and the modular design. and / or the PC power and cooling 750 read great reviews of the product being top qulity and long lasting
i am just not sure if either of the will meet my power needs with the 4870(possibly 2) over clocking the chip and ram. And still have power to run the aftermarket coolers( NB & SB? and most definalty the main chip)

-os i am sort of toss up here i hear people saying to get the vista ultimate for the ability to go over 4 gig of ram but i would really like to stay with xp. i have xp home but maybe i should upgrade to ultimate XP ??

-RAM so far i think i have decided on either crucial balistics or OCZ most likely the 2 sticks of 2mb. in the 800 fsb

Well sorry i dont what to ramble on i tend to do that when typing trying to convey all my thioughts, so ill end any questions or advice please fell free. Thank in advance.
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  1. If you want to be certain of G0, i recommend buying on amazon, they guarantee a G0 stepping q6600
  2. I would go for the antec 900 to save a few bucks. My 900 is big enough for my Thermalright Ultra 120 hs, I believe its one of the biggest out there. I have an 8800gt but could fit a card in that's 3 inches longer.
    So you want to use your old Power supply, or spend 300 bucks for a new one? I'm a little confused. How many watts is your old one? I bought a Antec 650 blue and it has enough power for anything I want to put in my case. I have 7 fans, the 8800gt, an AMD fx-62 0overclocked to 3.1 ghz drawing 140 watts, 2 hard drives, 2 dvd drives and some lighting too and I'm not even close to the max. I'm sure I could drop 2 8800 ultras in with no pb. Most people I see typically get way more power than they need. There is a great deal right now on the PCP&C 610 watt at the egg w/free shipping.
    Or there's a few combo deals with the 900 and power supllies at new egg now. Free shipping on the case too, which can get quite expensive.
    If you save a few bucks on some of this stuff you could afford a new monitor.
    Don't know about your old hard drive but I would recommend you get a new one. They are great buys right now.
    Xp Pro 64 bit will read 4 gigs ram as well as vista ultimate 64bit. Vista Ultimate runs 180 at the egg and xp 64 is running 140. So you can decide. I'm running a linux live cd right now and I love it! But its not for gaming. I recommend xp pro 64 bit. But only if you're getting 4 gigs of ram. otherwise, stick with a 32bit operating system until 64 bit matures a little more.
  3. I've read most of that and have a few suggestions:

    You are thinking about a larger monitor later. OK then if that is a solid possibility you need to look at the x48 chipset. As a new overclocker you also need to look at ASUS.

    So :

    A P5Q Pro would work for your current monitor, but once you get higher resolutions you really need a x48.

    These guys do some great PSU reviews:
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