Dual Layer Burner Windows XP problem?


I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-218L for my dads PC, which has Windows XP installed. Upon installing the drive, it seems to work fine, although it displays Dual Layer Burners as DVD-RAM drives. But, the biggest problem is how it reacts when a Dual Layer disc is inserted into the drive. In my computer, the drive icon changes to CD Drive but no additional text letting you know a disc is in the drive appears. It's almost like it enters a different state.

I have tested both of my drives in the same PC, mine are Pioneer 111 and the 202, I have also tested his drive in my Windows 7 PC and it worked fine.

So, does anyone know if any recent updates or anything have caused problems for Dual Layer drives? I've been searching high and low for an answer and it's driving me crazy as I've never experienced a problem like it.

I'm guessing the simple answer is "upgrade to Windows Vista/7"..... which may be the case!
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  1. Well, I'd first check if it's a software problem... have you tried third-party burning programs like ImgBurn? You can also try finding out if your Pioneer is fully compatible with Windows XP (it most probably is anyway).
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