Athlon II X4 630 on Asus M4A78 Plus

i'm kind of a noob to overclocking, just so you know...

i am trying to overclock above cpu with above mobo, and i can easily get it up from 2.8 to 3.21 just by changing the clock from 200 to 229... (multiplier is 14, can't change as its not a BE)

but as soon as i try to go higher, it will boot past the bios, and then windows gives me a bsod and restart...

now i am not interested in any voltage increases, i just was wanting to get it up to 3.4 w/o changing the voltages cuz from all the reviews i have read this cpu can go up to 3.5 with no voltage increase....

so what am i doing wrong?
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  1. Are you overclocking your RAM too?
  2. If you're getting bsod then it's cpu failure. You cant go higher without raising vcore. What temps are you getting? Low temperatures may help in oc but not that much if your hitting 60degrees in stress.
  3. There are 2 situations:

    1) Your RAM is at limit here. Try setting it to a fixed 800MHz frequency in BIOS, or change the RAM multiplier to give you something around 800. Then try going over that 229 clock that you reached.

    2) You could have hit the maximum frequency of the CPU for that voltage. So up the voltage or be satisfied with that.

    I'd try to see if it's situation 1) first.
  4. well i tried to change the ram frequency and then increased the frequency for the cpu to 236 (to give me 3.3 Ghz) and booted up and everything was fine for a while... after about 15 minutes it gave me another bsod... so i went back down to 229 and now i have had my pc on for 12 hours without issue....

    should i try a voltage increase to go higher?
  5. you could have reached a wall with your CPU now.. id suggest increasing the voltage in SMALL increments along with your FSB.
  6. so small increases like 50mv??? and increase the fsb or decrease?
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