Overclock drops FPS GTX 275 FTW EDITION

I just recently purchased a gtx 275 and have been running all of my favorite games on all high settings an anti aliasing. Now it is time for me to play with crysis. I thought i would overclock considering this is a very GPU intensive game.

To make it simple.

When i overclock using Evga Precision, or Riva Tuner ( Havent tried any others ).
I get in game and then my fps drops seriously bad.

Example. 200fps in tf2 non overclocked 34 fps overclocked... (yeah... that bad)
Example. 50-60fps in crysis, 5-10 fps overclocked.

I restore default clock and it goes back to normal.

Whats going on? I have been running ATI cards in the past if that may be of some use.


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  1. Maybe you overclock too high and the GPU overheats, even though it is stable at those frequencies, and it throttles down.
    Also, maybe the power supply is not capable to run the card when it's overclocked, but it can handle it at default frequencies.

    You might also check if the ATI drivers have been completely uninstalled. (use Driver Cleaner).
  2. ^+1
    Tell us what PSU you have and the look at the temps of the graphic card using HWmonitor(Free tool).
  3. No... Even when i just open the tools, not overclock and close them. all my fps is gone.

    The AMD externel events util is all that is left. But it doesn't start up anymore, just listed in the services.

    I have used driver cleaner.

    My gpu temp is around 44c idle and 50c load.

    My power supply should be plenty

  4. I've been playing around and i've discovered that when in rivatuner and any other driver overclock software. When i go in game it stays at the low power 3D setting, when not, it goes into the performance as it should.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  5. I have this problem to when i try 3dmark06 ... I must restart my computer and the problem is ok. I dont understand why this problem.
    It's just when i overclock my card.
  6. are you using overclocker drivers like forceware? or standard nvidia drivers?
  7. forceware
  8. I had the same issue playing Halo 2 with my GTS250. Ultimately i rolled back the GPU speed and determined i had pushed it a little too far. I was surprised because i was expecting the system to freeze rather than throttle down.

    Note: I overclocked it with Rivatuner.
  9. I have the exact same problem and I think I figured it out.

    The PSU didn't supply enough amps on the the 12V rail so whenever an overclock required more power, it would require too much from the PSU which wouldn't supply enough so the video card would change to it's bios preset throttle speed until reset.

    Gonna get a new PSU this week and I'm pretty sure it'll fix the problem.
  10. Oooh, now i want to upgrade my PSU!
  11. Turns out I was wrong and BassBallz you're actually right. Looking at a bunch of different clocks and the ones I was trying to obtain I put my clocks down in between and now it works fine.

    I guess with the new 200 series this kind of protection is built in to not crash the system.
  12. Very cool. Just curious as to what your numbers are at?
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