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I want to do a 0+1 RAID configuration and would like suggestions as to what drives would be best for this kind of setup. I know some of you out there have this or done this. The board I will using is a Asus P5N64 WS Pro, it also has SAS connectors, though my tech lvl is low I think helps in RAID configs, I will only want to use 4 drives.

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  1. How much capacity do you need? You can get a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 for about $85-90 on Newegg. They're one of the better performing HDD's out there although I haven't heard how well they do in RAID yet.
  2. Well my thoughts are 300Gb total min for the RAID 0, and since RAID 1 is mirrors I assume id go matching for capacity. Though Im thinking performance for 2, durability for the other 2, if that possible for this kind of config. I know that for the RAID 0 I have to have two identical drives, and I assume the same for 1, but do all four have to be?

    1TB are that cheap now? I need to drop out of college and just read forums way more interesting stuff.
  3. You want to do RAID 10 (or 1 + 0) for maximum reliability, if your controller supports it.
  4. I would argue that and say I want 0+1 but I looked in my MoBo manual again and saw I miss read it. It supports 0, 1, 10(1+0), and 5.
    My question then does that mean I only need 2 drives to setup RAID 10?
    Would it say that it supports 0+1? Or should i assume that it can still do it since it supports both separately?
    And with a SAS port that supports 0,& 1 would it be better to plan to use the SAS?
  5. And still what would be my best purchase for a Drive? SSD or HDD? Raptor? To be used in something like RAID 10
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    RAID 10 requires 4 drives. It's great for very data intensive, I/O driven applications. For example, when I worked with Oracle previously, their mantra was "RAID 10 everywhere".

    I can't tell you if your MB supports 0+1 - why do you think you want that over 1+0? There's no speed advantage that I know of, and 10 gives you greater redundancy.

    As far as which drive, it's really a cost/benefit question. Good SSD > Raptor > plain old SATA. Is what you're doing worth the expense to you? For me, once you've spent the cash on 4 HDs in RAID 10, it's already going to be so fast that something like Raptors or SSDs is overkill for a home/gaming PC.
  7. Right on you rule, thanks for the input. I will plan on a RAID 10, and then I will further my knowledge until I rule the WORLD!!!!(no Im not a juvie) I just love new projects!!!
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