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Hey all, My new pc components are coming on wednesday and if all goes well, i should have backed up all my data from my current pc onto the new one. What i want to do with my old one is to reformat/reinstall it and then just try to mess with it, maybe try to make it into a server or just anything for fun.

Problem is, it's a dell and i never got a reinstall or windows XP OEM disk so i can't reinstall... Now i don't want to spend money on something i should rightfully have as i haven't changed any hardware into this pc and don't plan to. I've used a keyfinder to find my Windows Xp OEM CD key. Would it be legal if i Download and make a boot file with windows xp home edition and just use the OEM CD key that should be mine anyway to reinstall Windows after i reformat the hardrive?

If it is legal, Would i need to download the exact same version of Windows xp that the OEM CD key was made for or is the license pretty much the same for Home editions?

Thanks for help.
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  1. Just read Some Info and found out that the Key the keyfinder found is some generic OEM key if you haven't reinstalled or installed the Windows yourself but I realised i have a sticker ontop of my Case with the real Windows xp cd key so still same question -> can i do what i proposed above?
  2. An OEM version of Windows cannot be installed on any other computer except for the one it was originally installed on.
  3. Yeah but what i'm planning to do is to reformat the Pc that has the OEM installed on, use a different Downloaded Boot cd to install Windows Xp Home edition and then use the OEM CD key from the sticker above my case because i never got the original cd from dell.

    So, same computer, same components, same OEM CD key but different Boot CD.
  4. Won't work.
  5. You'll need a Dell Windows XP CD.
  6. Why is that the case? Is the OEM CD KEY specially made for dell or the OEM CD key specificly bounded to the cd that you installed from?
  7. Trust me, it works better with a Dell Windows XP CD.
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