Toshiba Satellite M 100 DVD writer problem

I am using a Satellite M100 Version PSMA0L-18203E on windows xp sp3.
My DVD writer model is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4082N.
The problem is a am able to read and write Cd but when i insert a blank dvd,it displays"Please insert a disk into the Drive" whereas I am able to use the Toshiba's Recovery DVD ROM without any problems.I will be grateful if anyone can help me.
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  1. This drive seems to be the source of lots of problems for users. I'd see if Toshiba or the drive maker LG-Hitachi has a firmware update for it.

    See also:
  2. Thanks fihart,will wait for your reply.......
  3. When I said "I'd see if Toshiba....." what I meant was "I'd recommend you see if Toshiba....."

    Two nations divided by a common language.
  4. if u have d software cd of toshiba sateline no: PSMA0L-18203E

    then upload the audio n video drivers from cd n share d link on
  5. it is just the media try another optical media
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