Brand new computer wont show anything on the moniter!!

Hey everyone well I recently built a new tower for around 1.2k and these are the specs

Quad core 2.4
9800 GTX
4GB of Ram
700 Watt PSU

Now whenever me and my cousin go to turn NOTHING shows up on the moniter... I have tried 2 moniters and a tv.

Also the quad fan spins when I turn it on, the graphics card lights up and even the MOBO lights up and says FF which means BOOT.

So anyone know whats the problem?

Im not sure if this is the same problem but the CD/DVD drive wont open when I click the button.

Thanks everyone you can either reply here or AIM me on antonio4455

Thanks again
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  1. Are the Main gfx PCI-E power connectors fitted? Is the GFX card properly seated? These are the two main contributers to that problem.

    *Edit* Secondary to this try removing the RAM modules one at a time.
  2. its monitor not moniter xD I would take parts out and put them in again, reset cmos
  3. Hey you have no hard drive that may be it. :lol: :lol:

    Sorry i know its not funny when this kind of thing happens but i couldnt resist. :ange:

    Check the RAM first as has been said a lot of the time it is that.
    Failing that i would go with the rebuild it from scratch again. Reset the CMOS and double check that you do have all the power cables connected properly. Check you have all motherboard drivers installed etc etc.

  4. i had same problem..
    so what you should do.. is take your mobo out connect only cpu, VGA, ram.. that's it and see if it's boot up and shows on your monitor. yes and check ram. take out and put it again in.. little harder ;]
  5. btw. doyou have modular PSU?
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