PCI Express slot stopped working?

So to start off, here is what I have:


Pretty basic setup, I've upgraded it to 2 gigs of RAM, and added a 8800 GT OC video card in the past year. Here's my problem: 2 days ago, I booted up my PC, and there was no image. I could hear the Windows start up noises, so I knew the PC was working, but something was wrong with the video card. So I opened it up, everything looked okay. I booted it up again and listened for any noises. When it starts up, I hear a few 'clicks', along with the video card fan whirring up. The clicking stops after a few seconds, the fan keeps going, and no image. So I switched to onboard graphics to see if I could find a solution. At first I figured my video card was busted, but then I tried a different video card I had lying around, and that didn't work either. So it must be the slot itself?

Also, a friend of mine recently installed a new ethernet card in my PC, I'm wondering if that's drawing away power from the video card? It's worked fine for a couple of weeks though.

Can I get some help? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  1. So I reformatted, and that didn't help. I thought that may fix it if it was a software error or something, but that also wouldn't explain the clicking. Any suggestions?
  2. This actually happened to me once or twice with my new PC. Everything worked, but the GFX card would display nothing until after windows fully booted. This went away after a few reeboots though.
  3. Was there a clicking noise for you as well? I've rebooted many times, to no avail.
  4. Im having the same problem, did you fix it?
  5. Cleaned the PSU ? Tested with Another PSU ?
    Clicking noise could also just be the GFX heatsinkfans/joints making noises when expanding due to temperature change.

    Gambatte Kudasai .. or something like that ..
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