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Hi, I'm new haha, but I seem to be having a pretty serious problem. I just bought the asus P5N32-E SLi Plus mobo and I can't seem to run the board with paired memory. I have four 1gb sticks I'd like to be using, and in the current state of affairs I can only use 2 at the most. The configuration in which they work is of course against anything you've ever learned about ram, in two slots side by side. If anyone knows the layout of the board, I'm running two 1gb sticks in the blue and white slots beside each other, and that is the only possible good configuration, even the same ram in the other two slots gives no post. I'm pretty p_ss_d (I don't know if that's considered foul language). Please please help, i hate to see my ram go to waste...
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  1. 4 sticks draw more power from your mb. You're better off using 2 2gigs then 4 1gig sticks, but since you already have them. Put one pair in and then go into your bios. Manually set your ram's voltage to the manufacture spec's. Save turn off & install the other pair. If you still have issues, increase the voltage by .1. then try .2, no more then .3 volts.
  2. I don't think it's a voltage issue as even when I have a single stick in the blue or white slot of module A, and a single stick in the blue or white slot of module A I still don't get a post. The only way I can post with two sticks is if I have the ram in the same module, meaning I have a stick in both the blue and white slots of module A.
  3. Sometimes ASUS boards can be a pain as far as choosing memory goes. Update your BIOS, and relax your memory timings a little. You could also just have a bad board, but try updating the BIOS and relaxing the timings before you RMA it.
  4. I'm pretty confident this awful company gave me your RMA because I have the exact same issue.
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