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I recently purchased a 120gb OCZ Summit Solid State Drive. I installed Windows 7 Professional on it..
Computer Specs:
AMD Phenom X2 9950 BE 2.66ghz quadcore
coolermaster haf932
4gb pc800 ram
nvidia 9500gt
OCZ Summit 120gb
2 X 1.5tb Seagate HDD

When i do a windows index rating for my hard disk gets a rating of ONLY 5.9.. Which doesnt make any sense to me because my laptop has a 320gb WD 7200rmp HD and it has a hard drive index score of 5.8..Does anyone know why its so low? Thank You
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    I think its a limitation of the sata 3.0Gbps speed.

    The basis of the scores changes with new technology and now that sata 6.0Gbps is on the market, Microsoft probably changed the criteria of the scores.

    Basically your drive is fast, but its bottlenecked by the connection between the SSD and the MoBo.

    I may be wrong but I think thats what the problem is (I'm having the same problem).
  2. Most SSDs score above 5.9. My Intel X25-M G2 scores a 7.8. 5.9 seems to be the ceiling for regular HDDs (not in RAID-0), so I would guess that for some reason Windows is testing your 1.5TB drives.
  3. My drives that I mentioned are in a RAID0 array and they only scored 5.9.

    But yes, I didnt take into consideration his regular HDDs. I agree with rcpratt. Your score is probably a reflection of your standard HDD's.
  4. I did the index test before installing the 1.5tb HDD's also..and it gave me the same score..I Even tried changing the page file from my SSD to my 1.5tb HDD to see if the score went up any higher which it didnt... =( Ive read many people saying they have OCZ ssd's that rate in the low 7's... Its pissing me off..Because i want my index scores to all be in the 7's.. =)
  5. First thought is write cache on - I have not tried that setting

    My own experience with SSD in a desktop
    Intel 80G G1, Win 7 = 5.8
    Intel 160G G2, Win 7 = 7.8

    In my laptop
    Samsung RBX S1 120G, Win 7 6.2

    This is not apples to apples just that these devices are all over the place and that measurement is not important
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