HIS 4870 graphics card.

After some difficulty loading drivers, this 4870 is a serious step up from my old HD 3870's in CF. Framerate in Crysis very good. After playing hard for about 2 hrs. it crashed, and exhibited a few hiccups during play. However, the game itself plays way better, very smooth now, on 1600x1200, no aa or af. I love the challenge of Crysis, so the $270 I spent is worth it. It also seems that DVD playback and recorded TV is more crisper and clearer. Win, win. COD4 and Bioshock are flawless, crisper, etc. Will increase my cpu OC to 3.4 and see if I see any difference in play, also some tweaks to be downloaded from Crymod. Still, a more than adequate remedy to an intense and demanding graphics video game.

Asus P5E, Q6600 3.0, Vista 64 bit, 4 gigs Crucial Tracer, Coolermaster Cosmos, Hitachi 750 HD, Hanns 28", Zalman P9700 cpu cooler.
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  1. I'm glad your card is working well, I'd think that the 4870 performed about the same as 3870s CF, but with out the pain of dual GPU:P. Atleast now you can look forward to 4870 CF or tri CF with a 4870 X2:D
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