E8500 P5Q3 Stable Overclock 8 Gig of Kingston 1333 DDR3 ValueRam Noob

Well after a lot of tinkering I have a stable Home Theater/Gaming Rig:

4850 X2 2gig, 800 watt ocz power supply. All on a 61" Samsung Series 6 1080p LCD DLP.

Lots of aftermarket air.

So what am I leaving on the table? Should I slow down the fsb and speed up the ram?

Advice welcome.
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  1. keep the fsb up, lower the fsb to ram ratio
  2. You shouldnt need that much voltage, i have a E8400 e0 @4ghz with only 1.208V on a p5q-e and 4gig of ram.

    if i were you id lower the voltage and test for stability for 30mins of prime 95, if it passes then lower the voltage again test for stability etc... repeat the process until it fails then up the volatge once and test for 8-12 hours.
  3. Chips vary, and different motherboards cause issues as well. What works for one person doesn't for others, I certainly can't do 4Ghz on 1.208V!

    Keep an eye on how hot your northbridge gets too at the higher clocks.

    Nice HTPC setup though, sounds mint.
  4. Actually I was able to turn down the voltage and speed up the FSB. New stable results:

  5. Nice!
  6. Nice work man! E8xxx Series are awesome for overclocking

    Im upgrading soon to an i5 setup. its a shame to have to throw my old setup in the bin :(

    Your Gaming/HTPC sounds great.
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