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I have recently purchased a MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard.

Can I connect two Graphic Cards on this motherboard as it has two identical PCI-E slots. However, I'm confused as documentation says one is x16 and another is x4. I am currently using NVIDIA 8600 GT - 512 MB Card on one slow, which is marked as x16. Please let me know if I can connect to another Graphic Card on the motherboard with atleast same specifications.

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  1. It will run at 16x/4x speed, which is the worse. This means the first card will be at full speed, while the second card will only be running at 4x, 1/4th the power/bandwidth/ability, whatever you want to call it, then factor in Crossfire scailing..... Basically you will be wasting money on a 2nd card regardless of what it is.
  2. While those older cards had not much loss of performance running in tandem 16x to 4x, thats not your problem.

    The more important factor, is the technicallity that you cannot use NVIDIA cards in tandem - SLI on the intel chipset. You can use 2 nvidia cards just fine for non-sli usage like 4 monitors, but thats all you get. If you pickup two ati cards of 2XXX or 3XXX series, they would do great on that board.
  3. Here's a link that shows crossfire comparisons with different motherboards, the P35 is included.
    You'll need to use an ATI card and the results aren't worth the effort or the money. Upgrade your 8600GT graphic card to a HD4850 or a 4870 for a big boost in gaming performance.
  4. or a 4870X2 :P
  5. Thanks for all your help guys...

    Although i'm not able to use another graphic card here.... however ... atleast i'm saving some money with all your help..

    Thanks again
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