Video Card / Computer Problem [HELP!]

Okay, so I just upgraded my video card. I was told the stock cooler wasn't very good so I bought one as well, and put it on. I cleaned my drivers, threw the card in, and installed the drivers. Everything was working perfectly. Went from running CoD4 on the lowest settings at 30FPS to everything cranked with no performance loss.

I was monitoring the card temperature and it was running kind of hot, at least hotter than I was told it would. 75C at idle. So I thought maybe the cooler I bought wasn't working right, I put the stock one back on and rebooted and I was getting the same problems. I went back in to the computer and noticed that I somehow unplugged my back case fan and I thought this must have been where the problem came from.

This time I went to boot and no image. I messed around with the card and nothing, I tried cleaning my RAM, and resetting the CMOS. Finally I decided to try my old card. I got an image, but I can't boot Windows anymore. Not even through safe mode.

So other than that main problem which I can't figure out I have some other things I'm wondering.

-Is there any way to tell if my card is dead? Maybe it's not getting power? It was a little rough coming out of the AGP slot every time but nothing broke or bent.

-Why wont it even let me boot in safe mode?
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  1. I would be willing to bet something got accidentally unplugged from installing and uninstalling so many times. This happens to everyone sometime or another.

    Check all of your cable connections, power cables, hard drive cables and so forth...
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