Inno 3D GTX 260 OC - Driver & tune Help!

Hey Guys Im new to the forums.. Nice to meet you all.

Alittle stuck with my new cards.. I Currently got myself a new gaming rig. As Im new to the whole SLI scene Im confused as to where to start.

These Are my specs..

Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz Standard (Running @ 2.67 Ghz)
EVGA nForce 780i Motherboard
4Gb DDR2 @ 1066 Corsair Dominator (2x 2 Gb sticks)
Inno 3D GTX 260 OC SLI
500 Gb Seagate Baracude HDD
850 W Thermaltake toughpower PSU
OS- Vista Ultimate 32 bit

I currently have Nvidia 177.41 Display drivers Installed & the nForce WinVista32_9.64 drivers.I recently installed a program called Nvidia system tools software. Whch allow you to overclock and set you gpu,cpu,memory, Motherboard through the Nvidia Panel.

Now when I try playing counter strike source for example, I only get 130 fps.. Which to me seems alittle low for a SLI setup.. My Inno 3d GTX 260 cards are rated @ 620Mhz core clock, Memory 2100 Mhz.Although inside the nvidia panel it says that my memory is running at 1050.. I am sacred to touch the settings as I dont know what the hell I am doing. :s

If someone has any experiance with this setup or cards that can give me some safe valve's for me to change that would be fantastic or some helpful advice.

Below are some screen shots of my nvidia panel and the values they are set at.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post. :)
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  1. Welcome to the forums. The ram issue is easy. It reads right, but its double pumped as they say, or 2x what is actually read, just like DDR vs DDR2, same reeads double it up, even the GDDR5 on the new ATI cards read 900, but theyre quad pumped, and actually run 3600Mhz. Looked for comparable sli CSS benchmarks and couldnt find them. 130 is pretty good, as thats double your screen refresh rate
  2. Nice one, Thanks for the quick reply.. :)

  3. Yup, your memory is DDR (Double Data Rate).
    It functions at twice the set clock speed bye performing two operations per clock cycle.

    If I were trying to raise gaming performance on your ring, I would bump the CPU frequency.
    Unless you are running at ultra high resolutions, SLIed GTX 260's have more than enough power for any game out there.
    So much power in fact that it will spend some of it's time siting idle waiting for the CPU to provide more data to render.
    Raise your CPU to at least it's rated speed and try giving it a quick overclock.
    Assuming you have a decent cooler and your motherboard is stable at 400Mhz FSB, your CPU should have no issues running at 3.4Ghz.
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