Why my drive only works with Vista and 7 but not XP?

I just bought a new LaCie 1TB external hard drive. It works fine in Windows Vista and 7, but I am unable to mount it with Windows XP. I can see the drive in Device Manager, but I can't see it in "My Computer". When I check the device properties, it doesn't seem to have a volume. Anyone knows why and how can I fix it, thanks.

Windows XP:

Windows 7:

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  1. I see the drive has been formatted with a GPT (GUID Partition Table). I haven't used these myself, but it wouldn't surprise me if they're not supported in XP.

    If you haven't loaded the drive up with data yet I'd try repartitioning and formatting it on your XP system.
  2. I ran a LaCie setup / format program that is built in with the drive.
    Luckily I only have 100GB of data... I will try to format the drive in XP and see if it works.

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