Temp differences i7 rampage 2 extreme

does anyone know why a zalman reservator xt shows different temps than the i7 on board temp sensor's thoughts
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  1. Yes, the Zalman doesn't measure the actual core temps, it monitors the water temps of the cooler.

    Use Core Temp, Real Temp or Harware Monitor for Mobo/Chip temps.
  2. which tempurature software would you recommend most accurate for this task.
    my cpu temp in most of these programs is about 15 c higher than the water temp on the cooler.

    do any other thme actually measure the temp directly or from the bios readings?


  3. Your CPU will be higher than the water temps.
  4. temps from the bios are not really accurate, core temp, real temp or speedfan is what i suggest. Any of these applications are great for monitoring you're temps
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