5400 rpm and 64 mb or 7200 and 32 mb ???

i am buying a new 1TB hard disk to support my aging 160gb drive... saw two wd caviar green drives
one with 64 mb cache at 5400 rpm
other with 32 mb cache at 7200 rpm

what's the difference ?? which is better ?? how is speed and cache considered ??

Plz help me make a choice...
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  1. get the 7200/32MB, you sure that the 7200/32MB is a green model and not a black?

    I have a 640GB WD Hard Drive with 7200/32 and it's a nice drive.
  2. i don't know about the 32mb/7200... but 64 mb/5400 is caviar green for sure... so i should give importance to rpm rather than cache ?? that's what u say...
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    yeah, think of it like this, the black WD black models are 7200 RPM with 32 cache and the raptors are 10,000 rpm, the cache is beneficial, but not if you have a low RPM like 5400
  4. so i better go for black then... can't afford the raptors of something like that.. too costly for me... thanks a lot :)
  5. no sweat! You'll see quite a difference from your old drive as well, good luck!
  6. Post links, because the last thing I knew the only WD Drives that had 64MB cache were the Caviar Black 2TB and the RE4-GP 2TB.

    As far as I know, no WD 1TB drives have 64MB cache.
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