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Is there such thing as 3.5" hdd enclosure that's doesn't require external AC power source? Few months back, I bought one for my desktop and it came with AC adapter. That wasn't big a deal cuz it's for desktop anyway. But few days back, I ordered another one for my laptop without paying attention to power requirement and, when I received it today, I found out it also require external ac source. But this time, it's for my laptop. So it's kind of too much hassel to use it for I need to find a spot close to ac outlet whenever I want to use harddrive. I did some search in online shops but they either omit power source or mentioned requires ac. So that brings me here to ask you guys for help. Are there 3.25 enclosure without ac requirement?
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  1. I believe all 3.5" hard drives need an external power source since the power supplied by USB cable isn't enough for them, unlike 2.5" drives. Therefore all 3.5" enclosures should have a separate power requirements. This is especially true if you use eSATA, which doesn't provide any power at all.
  2. student_sol is right. The 2.5" drives are designed for laptops so they have very low power requirements and can be powered by the USB cable. The 3.5" drives, even the green ones, use too much power for that.

    Things may possibly change with USB 3, since it can supply somewhat more power to a device than USB 2 can. But for now, that's what we're stuck with.
  3. Thanks guys. I thought so too. Just making sure before I decide to return what I bought. Well guess I should keep it.
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