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I have windows XP as my main computer, using linksys wireless for laptop. I had been able to connect with the wireless, but stopped one day and now cannot connect to all websites with laptop but can connect on main computer. Can connect to all sites using laptop other locations. Did the serverice pack possibly update and block something? Not very computer savvy. Please help! Thanks!
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  1. Reboot the router (unplug for a few seconds), see if the laptop will connect. If not, remove your wireless connection and re-connect.

    If that does not work, your router may be bad, several models are known to have problems with wireless failing (Netgear WRG54 for example).

  2. Not another dodgy driver download site. Who in their right mind would allow ActiveX objects into their systems from a totally unknown outfit like that one?

    This thread isn't even a driver problem anyway - the OP can access some sites.

    Are you on a commission to plug this potential malware spreader?
  3. Quote:
    whos that for?

    It wasa blatant advert - I clicked on Report and it's been removed.
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