ATI (Diamond) 4870 Woes - Frozen after OC'ing

Anyone know how to reboot/reset this GPU?, I think I pushed the clock speed too much and now I get a bright green screen!!!! Upon reboot, system POSTS, Windows starts up, desktop displays for a few seconds just fine, then I get a bright green screen to look at...............


There must be a simple fix.................

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  1. How did you overclock, through the GPU's BIOS or through software?
    If it was through software, boot in safe mode and stop the software from automaticaly loading the clocks on boot.
  2. tx for the reply bud, I did it thru software (ATI Catalyst). Tried your suggestion tho, and it seems to have worked to a degree. But I wound up re-installing GPU drivers, then software didn't recognize new drivers, then tried re-installing software and ran into heavy problems eventually leading to a system restore (twice now), because for some reason, now my DVD-RAM doesn't recognize when a disc is put into it........
    Might have to re-install Windows (oh well its a new build anyways)


    I blame my own noobishness for all this :)

  3. I can't imagine you pushing it too hard from the catalyst as I've got mine running at 845/1105. Though you could try unplugging from the psu and mb and see what happens.
  4. ^ I will second that but OCs are different for each GPU. Yours hits 845, but I get massive artifacts and can't go past 835. Anyway...I agree with you though, CCC provides Micky Mouse overclocks and in general shouldn't give you errors unless you have a faulty GPU or a heatsink that isn't properly installed and gives you insane temps.

    OP....It sounds like you have some driver issues going on with your computer if your DVD is messed up. Did you install your MOBO drivers from the CD? That is the first thing you want to do after you install your OS. Your mobo may need a little more TLC if you haven't done so.

    If you list your system specs we can probably help a lot more.
  5. i got mine at 800Mhz-1100Mhz and mines very stable also load temps dont go above 50c with 60% fan speed. im not sure as to what is wrong tho im sure u didnt push it two hard tho. what did you have it at? i no CCC wont let you go above 850Mhz and 1100Mhz
  6. I was playing with the CCC settings myself, and did the same thing. Annoying part is, I didn't even set them, just tried to use the "test clock settings" feature, and green screen. Reboots fine, but upon opening CCC again, green screen!. I downloaded the latest driver from Diamond, and was then able to go back to CCC without issue.
  7. @ HammyOne_22: If you have no data to lose, just do a full format and reinstall.
    If you do have data you do not want to lose, fully uninstall your current video drivers then use the Recovery Console from the Windows setup DVD to repair the installation, it is like a full reinstall but your data stays safe.
  8. -1 to both of you.
    This thread has been dead for 9 months!
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