Video card compatability question.

I really don't know anything about computers and most of what I'm reading doesn't seem to make much sense. Maybe somebody here could be a dear and help me out. My current PC is outdated and is due to be replaced. My girlfriends computer is not far behind my current so I'm trying to see what old items could be put into her computer to make it not suck so bad.

Shes running a HP Pavilion A1220n (Pentium 4 2.93GHz, 512MB RAM, 200GB HDD, XP Media Center). There hasn't been any updates to it so its all stock model. My video card is a Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP. Rather than just junk it, I wanna see if her computer would accept the radeon. I don't know if there would be any conflict because the whole AGP vs PCI thing isn't making sense to me.

If somebody wouldn't mind crunching those numbers for us, we'd greatly appreciate it.

If more information is needed, here are links to both her specs and radeon card.
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  1. Based on the model specifications it looks like the MoBo has no decent graphics expansion slot (AGP or PCI-E). YOu could buy a PCI card but it'd probably not be worth it as youd be looking at a Radeon 9250 or something of that sort.

    But your card is definitely not compatible based on the informatin I reviewed.
  2. sorry, won't fit...
    just to let you know
    agp and pci are slot types, they are different shapes and sizes, agp is faster than pci... but pci-express is faster than agp
    all modern computers carry pci-express
  3. Wow. Those were pretty quick responses. Yeah I didn't think it was compatible and just had to make sure before I broke the news to my girlfriend or broke her computer while she was sleeping. lol.

    I appreciate the help guys. Thanks.
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