Desktop and favorites folders-need to move from one drive to another

I have xps and am having a problem with my desktop and favorites folders. It is saving all my desktop shortcuts and icons (also favorites) to my e drive (where I have it separate from my programs in case of a virus) all has been fine for 3 years saving it on my e drive (instead of my c drive), but now my e drive is becoming faulty and I am transferring all my data to a new drive D, but when I cut and pasted the desktop and favorites folder to the D drive, it removed everything off my actual desktop, so I have cut it back on my E drive and I can see everything again. If you have any info that might help me get these moved off my E drive onto my D drive, I would greatly appreciate it as DESKTOP and FAVORITES are the only two things left on my E drive before I pitch it.
Thanks and Happy New Year.
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  1. So, you're erics mom,, Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware, no problem too small.

    You kind'a goofed splitting your system like that. A nasty virus will go everywhere, so no place is really safe, they must be stopped at the gate. On with your situation, not a problem, a situation.

    I see you have been busy moving everything from your soon-to-die drive E to drive D.

    Don't worry that all icons disappeared from the desktop. Finish moving the files. Then....

    Click: Start>Run>entering: DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK.
    Maximize the window.

    Right-Click on drive E and select "Change Drive Letter and path."
    Choose "Change" and make the letter far down in the alphabet. (Letter E becomes available).
    Right-click on drive D and select "Change Drive Letter and path."
    Choose "Change" and make the letter E.

    Everything should be back to normal now, if not, re-start.

    Now if all is ok, you can trash the old drive.
  2. I am assuming and hoping that now my favorites will be saving to this transferred drive also -- is there any way for me to check that out immediately rather than wait til later and find out it is not the case and those saved in the interim lost and forgotten? Thanks -- pretty sneaky tricking the system instead of actually changing where the favorites and desktop are saving. My hats off to you! Thanks again!!!!!
  3. Save a new favorite and see if it shows up in the drive.
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