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I'm building a new PC and have decided on picking an Intel E8500 as my CPU of choice. However, I am having some trouble picking out the motherboard. I want to have a crossfire setup and am getting an AMD 4850 graphics card. I need a motherboard that supports my CPU and Crossfire setup, that also overclocks well. I am planning on keeping this setup for a good 2-3 years before upgrading, so I want to have a lot of options with my motherboard.

Any suggestions on which motherboard I should get?
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  1. X48, look at Asus and Gigabyte. While the P45 can run crossfire it's limited to 8X-8X.
  2. It would depend on how much you want to spend and what resolution you want to game at.

    Either an x48 or P45. Both are feature rich. The P45 is quite good at OC, less cash, and does fine in CF at normal resolutions. At 25x16 res it chokes badly compared to x48:
  3. P5E Deluxe, GA-X48-DS4 (around $225 each)
    Asus Rampage Formula (about $270)
    K9A2 Platinum ($150)

    All these do Crossfire without bottlenecks, at 16x+16x.

    The last one works with Phenom, not with E8500.
  4. Ok, I have changed some stuff. I am getting an ati 4870 instead of the 4850, but am still getting the intel e8500. I would like to OC my proc close to 4 Ghz and don't want to spend too much on this rig. My budget has to stay close to $1000. The card and proc are gonna run me $500, so I have around $500 more to get a hardrive, case, psu, ram, dvd drive, and mobo.. I don't want to spend that much but also don't want to skimp on a motherboard because it is really important overall.

    Also, if I did not want crossfire, what are my choices for motherboards? Is the price difference worth it? And will I be able to pair up this card with the new 4870X2 card if I have a crossfire motherboard.
  5. I also want to add that I won't be playing games at a res. higher than 1680x1050... So would I really benefit from an expensive crossfire mobo?
  6. Not so much.

    You could get a Asus P5Q Pro for 140.00, then if you start to feel the need for more GPU later you would have the option to upgrade to CF.

    Antec 300 is a good budget case. Most PSUs worth anything are in the 100 dollar range. RAM and HD should be 150 together... So you're looking at about 450 that route.
  7. thanks.
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