Need graphics card

i need graphics for asus p5gc-mx. I hav following specifications:
Intel Dual Core 3.00GHz
1.5GB of ddr2 ram(533MHz)
1x pci express 16 slot.
PLS help me!!!
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  1. Monitor size u'll be playing on? Also, do you have info on your power supply?

  2. +1 to needing psu (brand, model, watts, etc) and monitor size and screen resolution. in addition will also need to know what you need the graphics card for. if it is for gaming, what kind of games.

    lastly i assume you are running xp 32-bit?

    all that is necessary for a good recommendation.
  3. go with XFX 9600GT Alpha Dog edition or Sapphire HD 3870 Toxic
  4. 512MB variant it gives lot of good price performance ratio
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