How do I merge 10GB unallocated memory with the main part of the HDD?

This is my Hard Drive -

Basically, there is 10GB of unallocated space that used to be Recovery - however I got rid of the Recovery and now it is just unallocated. How to I merge this space with the "Tom's Drive" part?

Also as a side question, shall I just leave the two partitions on the end as it is? Is it really worth getting rid of them or are they there for a reason?

Thank you very much.
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  1. 1. Use partitioning software to add the 10.0GB unallocated partition (you'll probably have to format it) to Toms' Drive
    2. You can then add the 2.50GB partition to the Tom's Drive.
    3. I do not understand your side question.

    Free (for home use) partitioning software: Easeus
  2. Problem Solved! I used "EASEUS Partition Master"

    This is by far the best programme when it comes to partitions, so easy to use (although I haven't used any others lol)

    The side question was, there are 4 partitions on this HDD. I merged the unallocated space, but now shall I leave the other 2? Do they do anything?
  3. Great!

    They are taking up storage space for which you paid; they do not appear to be formatted, so your OS may not "see" them. I would try to add them to "Tom's Drive." Try adding the 2.50 GB partition first.

    Then try to add the 102 MB. The thing is most HDDs >750 GB have a 64 MB buffer memory, which you cannot add to another partition. That 102 MB partition MAY BE your HDD's buffer memory.
  4. You can try this freeware, i can easily merge the unallocated space to any other partition if you want, i've used it many times and never had any problems, good luck
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