1 or 2 crossfire connectors?

I am about to buy a second Radeon HD 4850 so I can run a crossfire setup.

After looking at ATI's website, I can only find a flash demo, no written instructions.

With two cards, do you only need one internal crossfire connector, or both?

I figure it would be one, since if you run a tri or quad crossfire setup, you have one bridge between each card (as far as I know), but I'm wondering if using 2 connectors would increase bandwidth between the cards.

Will check back in a few hours when I go to get the second card.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all help!
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  1. I don't believe a 2nd crossfire connector will provide any benefit other than allowing a third card to be linked.
  2. You may need to use two bridge connectors,depending on the resolution of your monitor. If you are running a high resolution ,such as 1920x1200,With only one bridge attached, CCC will report a lower resolution for your monitor and not allow you to go higher. Adding the second crossfire bridge will cure that.
  3. you need 2 !
  4. but with one connector only for 2x hd4850 i get better scores than this review at this adress below


    my cpu is q6600 so i had to overclock it to 3.6 to come close the testers pc, even then it outperforms mine yet my crossfire does better with one connector....
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