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hi i have a q9450 with a foxconn p45a-s, i just bought a zerotherm nirvana 120mm and so far on OCCT stress test after an hour or so at 100% cpu usage i have ranging from 57 to 52 Celsius. first of all is that an ok number for a stress test for this cpu at no overclock. second is it right for all of my cores to be different temps? first is 56, second is 57 third is 52 and 4th is 55. and i heard from a friend that arctic silver 5 actually starts to really kick in after about 40 hours or so of running your computer and so on. also can anyone else confirm i have the right voltages for each core? 1st is vcore 1.18, 2nd is 3.3v is 3.01, 3rd is 5v at 4.95, and 4th is 12v at 13.44. any help would be great guys thanks.
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  1. your temps are fine. the Q9450 is a little warm.

    the different temps of the core is fine too. everyones cpu is like that, no one has a uniform temp cpu. one possible factor is because not all of the core are evenly in contact with the heatsink, so that accounts for the disparity.

    and thermal compound takes awhile to "break" in when you first apply them. as the compound sets in and fills up the micro-crevices between the cpu and the heatsink, better temperatures will be a result.
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