New System shuts down at OS Install

Hello all, I just finished building a new PC, and have been having some problems with installing the OS.
I am using:
Evga Nforce 680i SLI
Evga 8800GT
Corsair 750w Power Supply
2 gigs Crucial DDR Ram
SeaGate 350g Hard Drive
and i'm not sure what kind of CD Drive i have, as it was given to me unlabeled.

The problem is that after the BIOS comes up, and the OS (Windows XP Home Edition) finishes loading all of its components, the system shuts down.
I have removed each RAM stick and started it up to make sure that that is not the issue, and unless both sticks are fried I'm pretty sure that's not it.
As for the BIOS, i currently have all settings set to default, so that very well could be it, as i am unsure what changes must be made.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Well you didn't list your CPU. Maybe the Bios needs a update to work with your CPU.
  2. Oops forgot, my CPU is an Intel Celeron Dual Core.
  3. Look on the motherboard website and see if the celeron is supported on your bios version.

    Otherwise set the ram voltage and timings to specs manually.

    Is your ram 800 and what are the defualts your ram is specced for?
  4. I called Evga's tech support, and my CPU is supported.
    And while it pains me to say it, I don't have any idea how to figure out what you asked of the Ram.
    I looked up the Specs on NewEgg and the only things i found related to what you are asking are that the ram is

    Capacity 1GB
    Speed DDR2 667 (PC2 5300)
    Cas Latency 5
    Voltage 1.8V
    Heat Spreader No

    Does this help at all?
  5. Where exactly during the Windows installation does your computer reboot?

    There is a point where your computer is supposed to reboot.

    Also, your CPU might be overheating. Are you overclocked? What cooler are you using?
  6. The system is shutting off when the windows is still just a blue screen with "Windows" at the top and "Starting Windows" at the bottom.
    I haven't done any overclocking, no, but my CPU is running at around 188 degrees F. I have not yet applied any thermal paste to it, so is that the most likely solution?
    As far as fans go, i am using the case's stock fan, the fan on the nforce 680i, and the fan over my cpu.

    That's 86.666 degree Celsius, that's extremely high for a CPU, EXTREMELY HIGH.

    For future reference never, ever, start your computer without thermal paste and a heatsink. That should always be one of the first things your should do when building a PC.
  8. Yeah, it was not one of my better judgment days.
    So do you that that is what it could be?
  9. There is a damn good chance it is, but even if it isn't you need to apply thermal paste and secure the heatsink.
  10. That's not what it could be, that's what it is. the CPU temp that you get from the mobo is the CPU case temp and that is blistering hot.

    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide
  11. reseat the heatsink and apply new thermal paste (after cleaning off the old thermal paste)
  12. Okay, thanks for the guide.
    Do you think that the CPU is fried at this point? I have turned the system on around ten times, so is it safe to keep using the same chip? after applying the paste of course...
  13. You have nothing to loose.
  14. Makes sense. If the problem persists after i get the temp down should i assume that i need a new CPU?
  15. If the temperatures remain the same this means the heatsink/fan isn't inserted correctly. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.
  16. Okay, one last thing though. Could anyone recommend a good thermal paste?
  17. d3ft said:
    Okay, one last thing though. Could anyone recommend a good thermal paste?
    33-Way Thermal Interface Material Comparison
  18. OMG! That woulda been good to know from the beginning.
  19. Great thanks for all your help.
  20. Not to reopen a dead thread, but after applying the thermal past, i'm still having the same problem. The core temp is now sitting at around 160 degrees F. It also says that my CPU Fan isn't spinning at all, though it actually is.
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