780G + PC HD 3450 DDR2 >=8600GT ddr3

been searching google but can't find any about 780G+3450 DDR2 >= 8600gt ddr3,

any benchmark?
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  1. if you want to save power (like 12cents every month) then the 3450. If you want to game a little, the 8600 gt by a lot.
  2. Of course, if he's using the 3450 by choice, my guess is that this is for an HTPC, which in that case 3450>pretty much any Nvidia card.
  3. i usually play online games, as far as i know online games doesn't require too much graphic , i usually play at low to medium setting @ 1440x900 resolution or should i wait for 4670 ddr3
  4. I would not say it's better. Hybrid Crossfire looks good to boost very casual gaming (Spore supposedly will run at 30 fps capped on a 780G alone), but even a 3650 or 8600 is a better deal.

    That said, I like IGP's on my boards just for the option of extra monitors or ease in setting up the system. I once had to RMA a card in the 7600gs generation and used an Nvidia 6100 for the turn around time.

    The 4650's are coming out on September 10th. Compare them to Nvidia's 9500 and see which one works for you. If you're going 780G board, I'd go 4650, or even a cheap 3850 for the best bang for the buck right now.
  5. Yeah a 3850 will offer vastly superior performance compared to the 8600Gt and the 3650. It also beats the 4650 by a decent margin as early test reviews have shown.

  6. That I didn't know. I'll have to look for those tests. Generation wise, I'd have expected a 4650 to equal a 3850 in power but be DX10.1. That's because the 4850 outperforms it's older sibling and I'd expected to see similar boosts in performance at the low end.

    Sigh, I guess they're aiming the 4650, like the 3650, at the HTPC market. I'd read about a new AIW card and hoped it would be a 3850, but rumors say it will be 3650 (haven't checked to see if it's out yet).
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