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I have a qestion for anybody familiar with the opensource NAS operating system known as FREENAS. I have a small home nas I built using a bunch of old hardware parts from previous upgrades, but I only turn it on here and there to backup files and use it for work. I tried starting it up the other day and it wouldn't boot up. I removed the flash key which the OS is installed on, and plugged into my win system and it wouldn't even detect it. I think the key itself is corrupted or dead (it was a super cheapo one anyway).
So right now I have 3 hard drives of important files in a server with no OS. My question is if I re-install Freenas can I continue were I started (and if so how?) and see the files on the hard drive, or does anyone have any other ideas on how to get the files off the drives?, Ubuntu? they are in either a UFS or EXT3 file system?
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  1. A fresh install should just pickup the old disks, even if they are in a RAID setup - use a different USB just incase it doesn't work though
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