Samsung dvd write drive not detected how do I get this drive to work?

My new Samsung DVD writer drive is not detected and the Nero8 essentials software will not install. I purchased Nero 8 Ultra software weeks ago to use with program...Nero8 was the only version that would allow burning of these audible books to CD. It worked fine.

I thought the new Nero essentials software might need to
have the other Nero 8 Ultra removed in order to be installed, but I tried to Remove from control plane and it would not remove(uninstall). Perhaps I don't need All of the New software for Nero just the essential programs for run my new Light scribe drive!

I decided that I wanted an External Light-scribe to make labeling my disk easier so I purchased the Samsung external DVD writer.

For three days I have been trying to get the software to install for the DVD write no luck. When I run the Light-scribe Dx program it says I have no drive connected for the DVD writer. This Samsung connects via USB so I don't understand why it can not be detected!

I have been to the Samsung website for three days and see that many people are having the same problem, but,Samsung tells everyone why the problem might be occurring but gives no solution to fix problems!

My Model is a DVD Writer SE-S084C and my OS is Windows
XP. I have DVD/and DVD-RW on my computer, but this should not cause the problem with the USB connection!

Sorry to be so wordy...but, I want to tell you all I have tried in the last three days with no luck!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dana Vancenza
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  1. Well, the first thing is to delete any existing DVD burner software, then restart.
    turn off the anti virus, and if you have installed multiple security programs, turn them all off. You may need to shut the firewall off.
    now try loading the software, restart and turn the antivirus, firewall back on.

    Another thing is to do a repair install of XP first. See this XP forum, sixth post from the top for the directions.
    After you repair install XP, follow the above directions, and your burner should work now.
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