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Stock e7500 temps and voltages

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October 11, 2009 12:20:21 AM

Yesterday I picked a boxed e7500 and MSI p43 neo-f. Installation was very smooth. Bios reports temps of 31c/28c, exactly what I was expecting/hoping for.

When I get into windows, I launch coretemp (0.99.5) which reported temps of 41/37 at idle (1.604g / 1.152 vcore). Same with real temp (3.00). The temps never fluctuate at idle (between 0 and 15% load) so I take it that something about the programs don't allow it to report temperatures below a certain value. So whatever, I'll take the BIOS's temp as the actual.

However, when I run prime95 the temps skyrocket. I'm getting high temps of 63/58. Ambient temp is 18 so we're talking about an increase of over 40c. By contrast, my old phenom x3 8450 never went above 31 at load.

So my question is: are these temps to be expected? Is it safe to trust temps given by software like core temp and real temp?

I was hoping I could do a mild overclock to about 3.4 without buying a new cooler, but these temps are already out of my comfort zone. Any advice or insights would help a lot.

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a c 86 K Overclocking
October 11, 2009 1:29:43 AM

Case cooling? Might be lacking in removing the hot air. I'd try a reseat, maybe the TIM or a pushpin isn't perfect. Otherwise an aftermarket cooler.

I'd still look at the normal Coretemp, Realtemp, and HWMonitor for temps. Bios temps really aren't accurate at all.

Ohh check you don't have auto vid on, maybe your pushing more volts than you need to.
January 20, 2010 2:16:52 AM

Those are unusual temps for a 45nm dual core. Thermal Specification is 74.1 Celsius, but temperature usually stays far blow it, especially at stock frequency.

Either your CPU is generating excessive heat (bad electric settings), or, more likely, the heat transfer is bad. One can usually tell the difference, because when the processor produces too much heat you can feel it coming out of the PC. I would double-check the contact between the heatsink and the CPU.

The software could be wrong, though. If double-checking the cooling system doesn't solve your problem, I would try to measure the CPU temperature by other means. Hell, 60 is a lot more than 40, you may be able to tell by touching the HS. In any case, overclocking without precise monitoring of the temperature is inadvisable.

Hope I could help.
January 20, 2010 3:53:39 AM

Hey thanks for the reply. I thought this thread was already dead but I guess you brought it back to life. As an update, since my last post I've picked up Cooler Master's Hyper N520 hsf, lapped the e7500, and got an OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W to replace a cheap psu which was free after rebates.

Temperature Results:
2.93g (1.24v) / max temp = 49c
3.41g (1.27v) / max temp = 53c
3.61g (1.33V) / max temp = 55c

Max temp was recorded using CoreTemp with SuperPi 8M, P95 large fft, and PCmark05 running simultaneously. Realistically temps never get as high as those I posted. I run the system at 3.61g all the time and temps never go above 50, even in game with the gpu heating up the case. Curiously, idle temps haven't changed at all.

As for airflow in the case, I have 1 120mm intake in the front, 1 120mm and 1 92mm exhaust in the rear. There's two large vents on the side of the case next to the gpu and the cpu. Cable management is as good as its going to get without the ability to store the psu cables behind the motherboard tray. Also I added cardboard panels all around the inside of the case for sound dampening. I don't mind the extra couple degrees at the expense for a quieter system.