Can i re- register windows xp on to a new pc??

hi i have a registed copy of windows and was thinking off upgrading my pc, the one ive been looking at doesnt come with windows can i put my copy of windows on to the new pc and still be legal ????
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  1. It depends on whether it's an OEM or Retail version. Retail versions can be transferred to a new computer whereas OEM versions cannot.
  2. thanks for the reply im a total novice!! the pc come from an insurance claim about 5 years ago and there was no disk just have to put the key code in is this retail???
  3. Do you have the COA sticker? If so, what does it say?
  4. yea got the sticker it just says at top windows xp home edition fujitsu siemens computers then just the product key and bar codes????
  5. It's an OEM product key.
  6. ok thanks what is the diff between oem or retail ???
  7. what would be the cheapest way off putting windows xp on a new system legally?? if you say the retail ones can be used again do people sell them 2nd hand?? and are these ok ? or is it best to get new ??? have been looking the new ones are 100 plus !! sorry if a sound really stupid jus ant got a clue with pcs thanks
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