GA-P35-DS4 Refuses To Overclock

My GA-P35-DS4 refuses to overclock after about a year and a half - I can put all of my settings in BIOS, save them, everything posts, boots to windows, etc but the overclock just doesn't stay. POST normally displayed my overclock which was 9 x 423, now even though all my overclock settings are the same it keeps POSTing as 9 x 333. The settings don't reset either, they stay the same as they did over a year ago.

I've ran the same overclock for over a year without issues and very cool temps, the only recent changes to my PC have been installing Windows 7 Professional RTM.

Win 7 Pro RTM X64
My GA-P35-DS4 BIOS F11
E8400 @ 3.80 GHz
OCZ Vendetta 2
2x2GB G.Skill 8500
2x500GB HDD

Any help would rock!

EDIT: I just changed the multiplier so it is taking responses. I changed it to 8, POST showed it as 8x333 instead of 9.
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  1. maybe you left the cmos reset jumper in the wrong position.
    maybe you left the cmos battery out.
    maybe try and reset your cmos and reapply your bios oc

    i have a backup pc which i am not using at the moment.
    e8500 at 3.8ghz 1.28vcore
    4gb ocz
    cooler master centurian
    and other stuff in it...
  2. Same Board, same Problem...

    have just installed Win 7 Home Premium 64(!) on a second hdd - and the system refuses to overclock.
    Booting Xp without any different bios settings overclocks the system as i am running it since a year.

    No solution yet... cant the 64bit win7 handle the oc settings? Is the mb somehow incompatible to win7?

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