do you recommend me the hd 4850 in a hot country ?

i heard that ATI HD4850 suffers from heat problems. knowing that i live in a very hot place (45C , 50C) , do you recommend it for me, or i should take the geforce 9800GTX .

thank you
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  1. i would recommend that you get a dual slot 4850. that should keep it nice and cool.
  2. when air is moving across a surface it will seem to be slightly cooler than the ambient temp,the problem will be that your card will never really "cool down" when turned off and as a result you will always have to have a fan or two running 24/7/365.......:)
  3. Not unless you have a big case with huge cooling or can source something like this in your country otherwise I`d stick to the 9800 or something similar
  4. Another option would be to try Watercooling. Some good info/parts here:
  5. guys, i have an AC in my room so the temp will not be always hot as outside the room. so the avg temp in my room will be like 30 , 35.

    please i need a good recommendation, if the card cannot live in this environment, i need a good alternative please. i dont want to immigrate :kaola:

    thank you
  6. not to continue on the off track subject but emigrate works as well.

    emigrate = from
    immigrate = to

    for example:
    He emigrated from canada to the US or He immigrated to the US from Canada. Either work.

    So basically he told you to leave your country. :) :)
  7. but on topic. you will probably be fine. assuming you have typical cooling and aren't doing any big ocing your machine.

    but considering we don't know your case nor your other components it is hard to give anymore advice than has been given.
  8. Dude, then u're dead! Humans can't stand more than 42°C (108°F) for long periods of time XD

    And my room in summer gets to 35°C (95°F), and it's a living hell! xP

    Anyway, even in your room it shouldn't be a problem at all as long as your case has a good air flow in it.

    Go for that card and just be careful with cooling!


    EDIT: Grammar
  9. Don't worry about it, a lot of people are paranoid looking at the temps on the HD 4k series, but they haven't stopped to think that they are made on new silicon that is designed to be able to take those temps.

    I live on a tropical area myself and I just ordered an HD 4850, which I should be getting sometime next week and I have no worries about it. If you really want to be on the safe side, do what I did and order one with a dual slot cooler.
  10. ppl dont know when there well off, if i lived in a hot country i would be out side instead of playing games
  11. Nik_I said:
    i would recommend that you get a dual slot 4850. that should keep it nice and cool.


    Check out the Sapphire Toxic running 30 degrees cooler at load than a reference. (bottom of page)
  12. If I were you, I'd get a decent after-market cooler, or a dual-slot card. I live in Florida and my friend has a 9800GX2. When he doesn't have the air conditioning on, he says it can get up to 70c when not playing games.
  13. As a few voices have mentioned but were partly drowned out, if you have a dual-slot cooler (like the IceQ-using models or the Sapphire Toxic model) then you should have little to nothing to worry about; a little bit of air conditioning, even if it just brings your ambient room temperature down to 30 degrees, that would make it that much more manageable.

    Otherwise, with only a single-slot cooler, yeah, there's a good chance that the 110w 4850 would likely get too hot to be fully stable there.
  14. He has an airconditioner... so no problem... he can even buy an HD4870 X2
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