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I created two partitions on the hard disk and after I have realised that there were not to the desired
size I decided to merge them. But there seemed to be an error message that the partition need to
be checked for consistency, I then used disk check utility on windows xp to rectify the problem,
the diskscan utility was in operation untill it stoped on its own and then we switched the pc off
but in the morning when the pc was switched on there seemed to be a clicking noise that was never
present before and the message indicated that there was a problem relating to the windows boot
accessebility. I disconnected the hard drive and installed another one, the drive operated perfectly.
But when I reconnected the original drive the bios of the computer takes long and no longer recoqnises
the drive. I wanted to know if I could retrive data on this drive and whether drive could be vaible
again. The indication from the drive is that is still operational in terms of spinning but it seems
it is lingering on the bad sector. Please help.
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  1. Clicking noise is a bad thing. Could be a dead drive..
  2. yes, there's something wrong with your drive...
    And just like christop said, it could be a dead drive.
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