Overclocking memory on GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L

what memory should I be buying can I get away with a midrange pc6400 ?
I was hoping to get close to 4 ghz
the 8500 ram is a bit more expensive
any thoughts ? not looking to overclock the memory as it implies in the title
just want to have the headroom
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  1. What CPU are you planning on OC'ing?
  2. e5300 2.6ghz
  3. Well DDR2-1066 is just overclocked DDR2-800 really, but I usually pay the premium for the 1066 RAM just so I get the guarantee/warranty it'll definately work at that speed. Up to you :)

    Edit: nevermind, just get what RAM you want, your stock FSB is only 200Mhz, so to get to 4Ghz you only need 307Mhz FSB (which you can do with DDR2-667). To make use of a speed higher than 667 you'll need to use a memory multi (being a gigabyte it probably has them), so it'd be up to you. 307 * 2.6 = 800, so DDR2-800 would be good if you've got a 2.6 multi.
  4. The E5200's seem to be better overclockers.
  5. You did not mention the cpu that you are going to use.
    I am using E5200 and have pushed my ddr2 533 MHZ to 810 Mhz........lol with 2.6 multi.
    at 3.8 GHZ i see that Cpu setting is that i need to tweak becasue ram seems to be fine ( a gut felling and memtest gone good )
    Not able to boot windos at 4mhz but that seems more like a cpu voltge issue.
    Damn don even have a new heat sink and i need it badly...but seriously i can see the performance gain very well.
    Thank You.
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