Need to get an old contract off of HD

Hey guys,

I have searched and searched for good hard drive software...all I find is spammers and bogus review sites.

My computer isn't detecting the drive, and I'm 99% sure the data I want is not corrupt. Thinking it's just a damaged indexing file (forget what that's called - mft?)

This should be fairly painless...but the internet is bloated with crappy/expensive software that fails to accomplish a fairly simple task...

What is the hidden tech secret to this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

P.S. why does this site not have a forum-specific search? It would probably cut down on a lot of threads...

For a tech site, the search functionality is severely lacking. It really isn't that hard nowadays to find an advanced-search plug-in or package for whatever forum technology Tom's is using...and if they have the skills to have custom software - search functionality shouldn't be that difficult relatively.

What gives?!
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  1. +1 for your search comments.

    Does BIOS pick up the HD?
  2. try a linux live cd and see if that works for you. I like knoppix but there are many.
  3. Trinity Rescue Kit.

    Google it, download the ISO, burn the ISO, and read the instructions on the website before you try to use the ISO. It has a number of tools to help you attempt to work on a hard drive with a bad partition. Of course, if it's actually damaged every time that drive spins up lowers the chances that you will be able to recover the information you need.
  4. thanks guys...going to head over to sourceforge to see if there's anything light weight to get the job done.

    I'm pretty sure my problem is purely software related, I'll keep you all updated on how it goes.
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