Need installation guide for Hyper 212 on i5-750 for newbie

Just got my i5-750 and Hyper 212 Plus. First time for me with an after market HSF. So I'm looking for an installation guide or set of tips that will give a newbie confidence to do the job right.

Is there a guide or video out there for this pair yet?
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  1. What part are you having trouble with? Maybe I can help you on a specific problem.

    Ooops, didn't mean to submit so soon! Here is a good video I watched before installing mine.
  3. No problems yet, haven't started. But looking at the weak instructions and general reviews about it being a difficult install, I was looking for help beforehand.

    Checking out the video now, but would love to see one for the i5, just to feel better.
  4. Found these tips from InterMurph in his Newegg review of the Hyper 212 Plus:

    1) First mount the back plate (part E in the instructions) underneath the motherboard. The four raised feet should touch the bottom of the motherboard, NOT the other side, which has much more insulation tape.

    2) Insert the Stand-off screws (part C) into the MIDDLE section of the back plate. Note that the screws have one flat side, and you will have to align that with the flat side of the back plate's holes to get them through.

    3) Using the Hexagonal wrench (part I) and a screwdriver, tighten the back plate.

    4) Remove the plastic from the bottom of the CPU cooler (part A). Grease up the CPU and mount it.

    5) The Retention Place (part F) is the trickiest. You have to move the four screws mounted in it from the outermost holes to the middle holes. To do this, you need to pull up on the springs that are just underneath the screw heads.

    6) Squeeze the retention plate between the copper pipes, and insert the thingy into the little hole on top of the contact plate.

    7) Adjust the arms of the retention plate and screw them in.

    8) The fan is tricky; you need to use 2 of the clips (part G); the ends go into the screw holes on the fan, and the long part snaps into the crack/crease on each side of the cooler. Make sure the rubber feet of the fan are touching the cooler

    I followed these, along with the actual instructions, and got the thing installed without trouble. Will finish the rest of the build and power it up on Monday to see what I get, then post a final note here.
  5. I have not been able to find any where what the appropriate method for applying Thermal to the Hyper 212 + due to its diffrent contact point?
  6. Thank you Conumdrum.. That link is exactly what i was looking for.
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