Can my son's computer handle it?


My son has this computer ( and we are looking to add this video card ( to it. I don't know very much about computers and I'm wondering if that computer will be able to handle the video card. I would like to know if the power supply is good enough? If the card is compatible with the computer components? Thank, your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hmmm the power supply im afraid to say does seem a little under powered for it. Mine is a 480W, and I would not like to use less than 450. Case looks big enough.

    What games does he want to play? And changing the PSU wouldnt be hard if you are willing to spend money on it
  2. PSu upgrade required......but if u are willing to settle for a 3850 or 9600....then it might be ok....i run a 9600GT on 420W PSU....but its borderline....3850 would be a much safer option provided u keep ur current PSU
  3. The 8800GT uses about 78watts at load
    That system including a 8800GT is still well under 300 watts.
    A quality 400-450w power supply would be fine. The biggest concern is that Aspire power supplies don't have a great reputation.
    If it was my system, i'd install the graphic card and run it, but i'd also keep an eye out for good deals on a quality power supply and replace it when i could.
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