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Hi I have upgraded the hard disk of sony vaio VGN-FZ35GN but after that when I try t install the os along with the sony applications which I have it on the recovery disk it displays a message C//:403 error....,though I tried running and install windows vista from my friend to check weather the hard disk is compatible with my machine worked.....????
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  1. The recovery disk is probably not detecting the special partition that many manufacturers put on their drives. You might need to do a fresh install on the old drive and then clone it to the new drive.
  2. "Hi, I have a Sony VGN - FW11E and I am trying to replace/upgrade my HDD at the moment. I have the same situation, I am unable to install Vista with a set of Sony OEM recovery disks, and get error 403 when I try the process. I am fairly literate with computers but not able to find a way around this :heink: . I have never cloned a drive, and would be grateful for advice on how to do so. Also, are there any other options that can be used to install the OEM recovery discs on the new HDD. Thanks for your help, JIMI. :sol:
  3. ...I got it have to to a fresh install...that is you have to go to the sony BACK UP AND RESTORE PAGE and click on restore complete system....and not restore C wil be fresh install wid the softwares and applications which Sony manufactures default.....Enjoy!!!!!
  4. Hi,

    Before performing the installation and reinstallation of Operating System, system updates and restore process you need to make sure that memory space needed for each operation is available.

    Otherwise, you might face an error message in the middle of the process.

    Most software programs are stored in the C drive of your laptop.

    To check for the memory space available in C or any other drive you need to right click on the drive name and select ‘Properties’ menu.

    It would display the total free hard disk space.

    If memory space is not available you can increase the hard disk space by uninstalling unwanted software.

    for this, go to ‘Add and Remove program’ list in the ‘Control Panel’.

    Get more information to fix error code 403 :

    Hope this helps you.
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